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Quality Corner: August 2023

OpinionRoute shares trends and tips from its successful data quality technologies for market researchers who run online surveys, buy online sample, and are invested in data quality. Fraudsters have more tools to use on desktop Fraud Stats: 70% of traffic...


The Reason Why Businesses Aren’t Losing Billions on Fraudulent MR Data

In early May, an article circulated with a claim that was primed for the social media rounds. In short, it argued that businesses and investors are losing Billions to Fraudulent Market Research Data.  But is that actually the case? If...

Behind the Headline

Behind the Headline: Ghost Completes and Who They Hurt

OpinionRoute breaks down headlines from industry news that relate to online surveys, online sample, data quality and relevant topics through our lens into the ecosystem. Headline: “Forsta and Cint Link to Eliminate Ghost-Completes” Forsta recently pre-announced a “First of its...


“Device Fingerprinting” is Dead

by Rich Ratcliff, Chief Product Officer Device Fingerprinting is an ineffective concept and latent terminology in 2023.  Ok, there I said it, the approach that was created 12 years ago for the market research industry is latent, shocker right?  Fraud...

5 Part Series

What is Data Quality and how can I improve it?

In Market Research, Data Quality is assumed table-stakes.  But, the reality is that today it’s more difficult to achieve than ever.  Marketing, insights and market research Pros may be spending millions of dollars on useless results that ultimately mislead clients...

5 Part Series

Topic 2: Survey Fraud is a Factor to Manage

This is part 2 of the "What is Data Quality?" series. Click here to read part 1: https://www.opinionroute.com/dataquality/what-is-data-quality-and-how-can-i-improve-it/ The survey sampling ecosystem has become highly automated in recent years.  Yesterday’s norms of deep validation, ongoing community management and responsive survey...

5 Part Series

Topic 3: How to Measure Data Quality

This is part 3 of the "What is Data Quality?" series. Click here to read part 2: https://www.opinionroute.com/blog/topic-2-survey-fraud-is-a-factor-to-manage/ Too often, in market Research sample, purchase decisions are made based on qualitative factors- convenience, vendor brand identity, historical experiences, etc.  But...

5 Part Series

Topic 4: Professional Experience

This is part 4 of the "What is Data Quality?" series. Click here to read part 3: https://www.opinionroute.com/blog/topic-3-how-to-measure-data-quality/ No matter how systematized you get with a data quality strategy and great tech tools, you still need expertise and informed judgment...

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5 Part Series

Survey Fraud: From the Mouths of the Ghosts who Pull it Off

A 5 part Series on Fraud in the Survey Ecosystem. Part 1: Survey Fraud Approaches- From the Ghosts who pull it off.  In 2022, I spent more time trolling devious online characters than I care to admit. At least it...

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