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OpinionRoute cares because we’ve been where you are: you want to take care of your team, you want to give up the senseless grunt work, and most importantly, you want to add more value to the work you do.


We’ve built a workflow system for Market Research companies who know they need to work better. Every feature is thoughtfully created as a direct result of user challenges.


We have run our entire business on NavigatOR since 2013. Now, we’re sharing its game-changing benefits with you.

The ID Suite. Better Data Quickly.

Fraud and consumer disengagement leave researchers with a data mess. It can be hard to know whom to trust when the goalposts move daily.


The ID Suite cleans clicks before your survey and analyzes responses in your survey.


The Result? You get to the best data quickly.


Market Research’s proven fraud prevention solution.


Spend less time on tedious tasks like data cleansing, and more time getting to the heart of your data.


Fraud Prevention at the front door of every survey.


We know data cleaning is a painful- yet necessary- part of your workflow.


ResponseID gives a real-time review of open-ends to score on quality, saving you time and energy.


It’s an open-end response cleaning tool that saves up to 80% of your scrub time.

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We deliver accurate data by utilizing our expertise in online survey sampling and proprietary technology solutions to simplify research processes. This enables clients to scale and researchers to stay ahead in a dynamic and competitive market.

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