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In today’s online sample world, the traditional way of vetting and trusting vendors doesn’t work like it used to as sample quality can be threatened daily. Market research firms are stretched too thin and most major sample vendors have created complex aggregation technologies with DIY front-ends. You’re doing too much with less resources – and we want to fix that.


At OpinionRoute, we apply our deep market knowledge to technology you actually need to get your projects over the line faster and within budget. Our platform scales as your business grows, making sure work stays at work and you get the support you need when you need it most.

Sample Only Services

A better way to procure sample

As a professional Market Researcher, you deserve the same care and commitment that you give to your clients. At OpinionRoute, we turn pain into purpose, and frustration into focus.

Key Benefits

Full Service

Difficult projects, simplified

We build and deliver a great sample plan, program and host your survey, and deliver your data how you need it.

Direct Access to OpinionRoute Programmers

For many research firms schedules demand agile quick action. However, so many programming vendors put every request in a queue, slowing things down at the most critical times.


To us, you’re a colleague, not a queue. We get you on the phone with the right person at the right time so your flow isn’t disrupted.

You can have Speed and Quality together

To get it fast, you often have to deal with a flurry of mistakes when you get your first link. To get it right, you often have to wait 3-4 days.

OpinionRoute’s approach combines rapid service with skilled talent who are consistently right on the first effort. You can iterate in real-time with us as you request changes.

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About OpinionRoute

We deliver accurate data by utilizing our expertise in online survey sampling and proprietary technology solutions to simplify research processes. This enables clients to scale and researchers to stay ahead in a dynamic and competitive market.

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