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We enable Market Researchers to do their best work with technology and a human touch.

High-quality, frustration-free data collection.

By blending proprietary workflow and data quality technology with human expertise, OpinionRoute optimizes the data collection process during survey projects.

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A Modern Approach to Survey Operations

At the heart of effective market research lies the meticulous process of programming surveys collecting data. In the modern online sampling landscape, traditional vetting fails to achieve consistent sample quality. Research talent is overstretched and major sample vendors push complex, self-service technologies that compound the problems.

OpinionRoute leverages its extensive survey expertise and proprietary technology to accelerate your projects, maintain your budget and streamline your survey operations.

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Sample Management Services:
Your Project, Our Expertise

Our proprietary workflow platform, coupled with our advanced data quality technology, empowers our dedicated, local team to proactively avoid common project pitfalls, effectively eliminate delays and maintain the integrity of your data.

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Full-Service Survey Execution:
Seamless Data Collection

Our services extend beyond sample management with a full suite of survey services, including programming, hosting, data cleaning, and enhanced data processing for your online survey projects.

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Why Choose OpinionRoute?

Our approach is designed to streamline your data collection process, making it as efficient and reliable as possible.

We handle the complexities of survey operations leaving you to focus on what’s important.

With our proprietary data quality tools, we put in the safeguards that guarantee quality responses.

Our team of US-based experts are always on hand, dedicated to the success of your project.

Discover NavigatOR Platform:
Your Pathway to Precision

The Navigator workflow platform powers our services, offering you advanced capabilities around quality, security and vendor performance for your survey projects. Discover why the Navigator platform is essential for researchers seeking precision, efficiency and peace of mind.

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About OpinionRoute

We deliver accurate data by utilizing our expertise in online survey sampling and proprietary technology solutions to simplify research processes. This enables clients to scale and researchers to stay ahead in a dynamic and competitive market.

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