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OpinionRoute is an online survey operations company that helps market researchers eliminate the operational surprises and delays that disrupt projects using a blend of technology and human expertise.

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Manage Your Research Operations Team Effectively with NavigatOR

The NavigatOR workflow platform is OpinionRoute’s proprietary technology that provides visibility and solutions to arm market researchers with the tools they need to work more efficiently.

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Streamline Your Survey Operations with Dedicated Services

Powered by the first of its kind NavigatOR workflow platform, our dedicated team works with you to optimize research project data collection eliminating project surprises.

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We help the modern market researcher work better.

At OpinionRoute, we understand the disruptive challenges that have arisen as more DIY platforms have launched and how that in turn has shifted more work to the market researchers.

We’ve made it our priority to help bring the market research field into the modern era. By blending technology and human expertise, we give market researchers the solutions and support that make their day-to-day more efficient and effective.

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BLOG | July 12, 2023

OpinionRoute Modernizes Market Research with the Launch of the NavigatOR, a Groundbreaking Survey Operations Workflow Platform

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE OpinionRoute Modernizes Market Research with the Launch of NavigatOR, a Groundbreaking Survey Operations Workflow Platform Cleveland, OH, July 12, 2023 – OpinionRoute, a leading online Survey Operations company supporting Market Research Firms, is thrilled to announce the launch of NavigatOR, a game-changing enterprise-level workflow platform designed to transform the way survey researchers […]

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BLOG | April 30, 2024

Quality Corner | April 2024 | Enhancing the Researcher’s Data Reviews

Researcher Data Review is Vital, and so are deep tech diagnostics.   Researchers need the right tools to complement their expertise during data reviews.   We often get asked some variation of the question, “What can happen to a dataset that I won’t catch in my manual cleaning?”  We figured we’d answer that for you with some real project results.    […]

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BLOG | April 30, 2024

CEO Monthly Reflection | April 2024 | How to Scale with “Brilliance”

By Terence McCarron   This month, I completed an intense week of “educational programming” geared toward owners of successful businesses this month who are experiencing rapid growth.  It was a mini-growth MBA and challenged me so much about how I got to this juncture with OpinionRoute and whether that process will serve me the same way […]

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BLOG | April 4, 2024

Securing the Survey Link  

The Unaddressed Challenge of Survey Link Security By Rich Ratcliff, Chief Trust Officer  Regardless of the industry, the integrity of data collection processes is paramount. The Market Research ecosystem has a unique challenge that has persisted for over a decade: our vulnerability to transparent and open survey link processing.    As technology and fraud methods have […]

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I absolutely love the OR Team

I absolutely love the OR Team…This is the kind of relationship we strive to have with our clients.

I continue to be impressed

I continue to be impressed. You are very much different from your competitors.

This project was failing before

This project was failing before OpinionRoute took over. We ended up with a much higher quality dataset and a major homerun!

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