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Behind the Headline: Fraud Detection Methods

By Terence McCarron  Can Survey Fraud Detection be enhanced by Facial Recognition?  OpinionRoute breaks down headlines from industry news that relate to online surveys, online sample, data quality and relevant topics through our lens into the ecosystem. Headline: KANTAR AND...


Data Quality Should Not Be a Magic Trick

by Rich Ratcliff, Chief Trust Officer In the enchanting world of market research, data quality has often been likened to a mythical creature – elusive, mysterious, and, for some, unbelievable. Well, it's time to dispel the myth with a dose...


CEO Monthly Reflection | February 2024 | Defining Your Win/Win

By Terence McCarron  I am pretty sentimental this week. My daughter Elizabeth completed her 8th-grade basketball season last Sunday. As the final buzzer sounded, my 9-year career as her coach ended.   I'll miss those hours just being with her on...

Contrasting visualization of market research evolution: Left side depicts traditional methods with in-person discussions and paper surveys, while right side shows modern techniques with digital data analytics and social media sampling. Central transition illustrates shift from paper to digital, symbolizing industry's technological advancement.


Language Matters | Online Sample Word Salad 

By Terence McCarron  Have you recently read the websites of some of the biggest sample firms?  I’m a 25-year veteran of the sample space. I know the ins and outs of the business at a very deep level.  Yet, sometimes...

Illustration of a strategic meeting room setup with a clear agenda on the board, highlighting efficiency and focus. In the background, a digital dashboard displays curated data insights, symbolizing the shift from data overload to actionable intelligence in market research operations.


The NOMO Mindset- Using Metrics that Matter in Market Research Operations

by Rich Ratcliff, Chief Trust Officer (CTrO) Recently we changed up our internal meeting philosophy.  Simply put, we agreed if a meeting invite has nothing on the agenda you directly need to help, you can skip the meeting.    This approach...

Press Releases

OpinionRoute Expands Leadership Team, Names Cousineau as COO, Ratcliff as CTrO and Herzak as SVP, Growth

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  OpinionRoute Expands Leadership Team, Names COO, CTrO and SVP, Growth   Cousineau promoted to Chief Operating Officer (COO).  Herzak hired as SVP, Growth.   Ratcliff appointed as OpinionRoute’s first Chief Trust Officer (CTrO).  These additions position the company for...


Working Harder to Earn the Trust of MRX

by Rich Ratcliff At OpinionRoute, we've always embraced innovation, striving to provide state-of-the-art solutions in the ever-evolving world of market research. Today, I’m thrilled to share a significant step that underscores our unwavering commitment to integrity, data quality, and customer...


Fine is a CX 4-Letter F-Bomb

By Danielle Chinitz In the world of client experience, the word "fine" is anything but that.  Customers today are not merely looking for “fine” experiences; they crave exceptional ones. The era of settling for the bare minimum is long gone....


Why and How to Blend Sample Sourcing in Your Online Survey

By Meghan Ellrich When writing a research paper, an author likely would not rely on one source for all the data. At OpinionRoute, we believe in this principle for online research.  Every field plan we create is custom and includes...

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