OpinionRoute Modernizes Market Research with the Launch of the NavigatOR, a Groundbreaking Survey Operations Workflow Platform


OpinionRoute Modernizes Market Research with the Launch of NavigatOR, a Groundbreaking Survey Operations Workflow Platform

Cleveland, OH, July 12, 2023 – OpinionRoute, a leading online Survey Operations company supporting Market Research Firms, is thrilled to announce the launch of NavigatOR, a game-changing enterprise-level workflow platform designed to transform the way survey researchers operate. This proprietary platform combines cutting-edge technology with industry expertise to empower researchers, streamline processes, and enhance data quality.

In an ever-changing landscape, NavigatOR provides market researchers with the tools they need to work more efficiently and adapt to new challenges. As the market research industry faces disruptive shifts caused by the rise of DIY platforms, OpinionRoute recognizes the need to provide survey researchers with a way to modernize their own work so they can focus on the delivery of their core value proposition.

“During the last decade, our industry saw an unprecedented pace of innovation that commonly benefited brands and sample companies. We believe Research Companies deserve their moment in the sun,” said Terence McCarron, CEO of OpinionRoute. “With NavigatOR, we are empowering the survey researchers to advance their research operations, with robust efficiencies that validate their expertise.”

OpinionRoute’s launch of the NavigatOR represents a significant milestone in the modernization of the market research industry overall.

McCarron states, “After a decade of development, usage, and enhancement within our own rapidly scaling, quality-focused business, we are excited to share this proven platform with the research community. NavigatOR is a robust, intuitive platform that was built with the shared experience of many industry veterans.”

NavigatOR clients benefit from integrated access to previously launched data quality products CleanID, ResponseID as well as its new macro respondent quality index system, ORScore.

For more information about NavigatOR and OpinionRoute’s comprehensive survey operations services, please visit www.opinionroute.com/technology or contact LearnMore@opinionroute.com.

About OpinionRoute: OpinionRoute is an industry-leading online survey operations company that leverages proprietary workflow and data quality technology to modernize the survey research process. With a focus on eliminating operational surprises and delays, OpinionRoute blends decades of expertise with innovative solutions to optimize data collection and empower market researchers to work better.

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