Quality Corner | April 2024 | Enhancing the Researcher’s Data Reviews

Researcher Data Review is Vital, and so are deep tech diagnostics.  

Researchers need the right tools to complement their expertise during data reviews.  

We often get asked some variation of the question, “What can happen to a dataset that I won’t catch in my manual cleaning?”  We figured we’d answer that for you with some real project results.   

We recently took a sample of 12 recent projects using ResponseID™ API within the survey to identify fraud caught by researchers vs. fraud that goes undetected manually.  But before we get started, here are some background concepts.  

ResponseID™ is OpinionRoute’s in-survey fraud detection technology. It attaches to open ends and monitors a respondent’s device and behaviors.    

Fraud Levels: ResponseID™ has a risk-factored scoring algorithm that identifies absolute bad responses (aka fraud) and otherwise identifies risk factors to aid the researcher’s decision-making in cleaning. Some fraud characteristics are grayer than we’d like.  So we proceed to “warn” the researcher in those cases.  


By the numbers  

  • 12 Projects  
  • 22,000 completed surveys. 
  • 1,477 cases (or 6.7%) were evaluated for fraud risk and deemed as “bad” responses.
    Let’s evaluate how that 1477 cases breaks down between what is typically found in a researcher review and what is not.  


87% of the 1477n were “unseen” fraud. These cases involve utilization of technologies to complete the survey that are consistent with fraudulent behaviors. This includes: usage of a developer console, using an on-screen translator, and achieving typing rates impossible for humans (hallmarks of ChatGPT answers).   

Easy to Spot  

13% contained attributes commonly identified through manual data reviews. These cases included for duplicate answers, misaligned answers, jibberish answers, etc.)   


Researchers commonly believe the data is the whole story when it comes to quality. However, in today’s high-tech world of survey fraud, so many violations require deeper diagnostics than just the data set. OpinionRoute advocates for a marriage of Researcher + Technology in all data reviews. It will improve your accuracy of data cleaning, but it will save significant time as you work.

Hit us up to have a chat about protecting your surveys! 

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