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We know how to find right pool of survey candidates quickly and efficiently, so market researchers can get the reliable results they need.

Sampling Success

As a professional market researcher, you know that your results are only as good as your online survey sample. At OpinionRoute, we’ll build and deliver a plan for your sampling success, including key targets and how to deliver the best pool of responses. We can also manage all aspects of the program – from hosting the survey to assuring quality results to customized data delivery. We can do it all – so you can focus on the results.

How Our Survey Sampling Services Work

What sets OpinionRoute apart from other online sampling companies is our focus on the big picture and personalized approach. Our purposeful technology and expert team strive to add a personal touch to your online survey sample experience. Unlike other online sampling companies, we don’t just plug and play with surveys. Instead, we work closely with market researchers to deliver the speed and accuracy you need in a survey provider, with the service and attention you expect from a survey partner.

The OpinionRoute Process


Our team will determine your business and survey structure needs to determine the end goal and create a survey sampling strategy with a wide range of sample selection methods to ensure accuracy.

Value Add.

We’ll provide you with ongoing information that can help you do business, including content on key impact items like fraud trends, technology opportunities and risks. We also offer team-based trainings on survey-relevant areas.

Quality Control.

Using our proprietary data quality technology, we scrub every click for fraud and duplication to drive higher data quality.


We design a successful field plan that includes daily touch points for data.

Get Started

Reliable Survey Sampling for the Markets You Most Want to Reach: Consumers, B2B, and Healthcare

Collecting accurate data requires the collaboration of people and technology to achieve results. For the past 10 years, OpinionRoute has been assisting Market Researchers with their online surveys. With our decades of marketing research experience, we’ve found ways to distinguish between high-quality data and fraudulent responses in the constantly evolving online data collection space.

Over the years, we’ve focused our efforts on three main research categories: Consumer Surveys, B2B Surveys and Healthcare Surveys.

Our expertise in each of these target markets allows us to refine the sampling process and ensure efficiency and data quality from the outset. We also use advanced proprietary technology to scrub data from each market, ensuring that we are able to identify high-quality data and fraudulent responses.

Consumer Survey Sampling

The consumer market is vast. Finding your ideal sample – and getting their genuine response – can mean casting a wide net and letting technology do the digging. This type of programmatic thinking, coupled with data privacy concerns, can create constant challenges when it comes to getting a viable consumer sample.

OpinionRoute’s approach to consumer online survey sampling uses a more targeted technology approach combined with the ability to throw out fraudulent responses before they enter your data set. Our approach assures that the insights you gather are reliable and actionable. It can also save you considerable time on manual tasks that tend to slow projects down.

Healthcare Survey Sampling

The healthcare field is one of the most time-starved markets out there. Reaching them is not only challenging – firewalls and cybersecurity measures at healthcare facilities can be a major barrier to outreach.

OpinionRoute overcomes these challenges by offering a blended panel model with a true deduplication method to expand feasibility for larger sample sizes.

B2B Survey Sampling

What slice of the B2B universe does your survey need to target? The best B2B insights start with validated, scalable respondent sourcing. Today’s landscape sees less validated respondent supply than ever due to recent mergers in the online sample world. OpinionRoute offers solutions to solve this challenge using a researcher’s perspective.

Looking for online sample providers? Here’s why others have chosen OpinionRoute.

Your online sample survey provider should make your life easier. At OpinionRoute, we’re structured around our client’s needs, then back that up with the latest technology. We operate as an extension of your team, with centralized contacts and same day responsiveness. We can also offer additional technical support, if needed. And, of course, we implement everything using the latest technology solutions and fraud-prevention measures.

Centralized Support & Contract

Whether you’ve got a new survey you need to launch or a question about an existing one, you’ll know who to call. Our account team will work as an extension of your team, having ready knowledge of your business goals. As a result, we’ll also spend time with you planning and strategizing for the future – so you’re always one step ahead.

Quality Sampling Done Quickly

We’re structured to deliver the rare blend of quality results within budget – and at record speed. Our approach combines rapid service with skilled talent for accurate and quality results. In fact, we’ve delivered up to 50% improvement in data quality with consistent on-time delivery and countless hours saved along the way. When you work with OpinionRoute, you’ll have access to many of our proprietary tools and technologies, including:


“The Nav” is a workflow system for Market Research companies who know they need to work better and drive better quality. It’s also where the ID Suite all comes together. Every ID Suite client gets access for account trend dashboards and master settings.

clean id logo

CleanID delivers proven fraud prevention at the front door of every survey. It works like an anti-virus gateway for your surveys, automatically and simultaneously evaluating 800 different response attributes to look for irregularities and bot-driven fraud. If it detects fraud, it flags it — segmenting out bad responses, so you’re only left with the good. And we show you the difference, with complete transparency on all responses. This will also ensure the accuracy of survey data.

clean id logo

ResponseID’s proprietary technology proactively serves as a security screener for any open-ended survey question you choose. It’s attached to specific questions in your survey set, and is programmed to understand what key words will most likely be used. Any answers that don’t align with legitimate responses are graded using a clear red, yellow and green scoring system.


What types of sampling does OpinionRoute provide?

OpinionRoute provides Consumer, B2B and Healthcare samples for online survey research.

How does OpinionRoute ensure data quality?

OpinionRoute has invested substantially in data quality technology and processes that meet the standard of expert Survey Researchers. Our technology is capable of blocking fraud, while it streamlines data cleaning and quantifies key trends in sample source quality.

How does OpinionRoute's approach to project management differ from competitors?

We use a personalized, service-based approach to project management, so you’ll always have a point of contact for questions or support. We combine this with modern technology that automates repetitive tasks and frees our talent up to think strategically as your partner.

What is the cost of OpinionRoute's survey sampling services?

Once we understand your needs, we can put together an estimate of services. Our proposals include custom field plans that are designed to meet your budget but also finish your project on time and with quality.

How can I contact OpinionRoute for more information on survey sampling services?

Reach out to us at hello@opinionroute.com or 216-282-0793. Or fill out our online form with details about your specific need, and we’ll put the right person in contact with you.

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