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ResponseID scrubs open-ended survey answers in real-time, so you don’t have to.

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We keep open-ended responses clean.

Open-ended questions add depth to your insights. They are also an invaluable data quality component. But they also add significant time to check. ResponseID reviews these questions real-time, accelerating the manual data checks that work so well.


  • Save time and reduce manual scrubbing
  • Evaluates quality across many categories
  • Scoring system adds data points to your quality assessment

How ResponseID works.

ResponseID’s proprietary technology proactively serves as a quality screener for any open-ended survey question you choose. It’s attached to specific questions in your survey set, and is programmed to understand what a probable low quality response based on the question type. All answers are scored and data is summarized using a clear red, yellow and green scoring system.

Fast & Efficient

ResponseID evaluates open-ended answers in rapid fashion

Simple Scoring

Adapting to question type, ResponseID scores answers based on a number of key variables including Language, Content, Duplication, Speed, Brand validity, etc.

ResponseID eliminates up to

of the tedious manual screening.

Eliminate Copy/Paste Fraud

The scoring system catches probable copy & pasted answers from sources like google and ChatGPT .

Focus Your Time

Scoring system designed to identify where you should focus in your expert manual review.

Clear Justification

Supporting data to help you make the judgment calls.

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I absolutely love the OR Team

I absolutely love the OR Team…

This is the kind of relationship we strive to have with our clients.

I continue to be impressed

I continue to be impressed. You are very much different from your competitors.

This project was failing before

This project was failing before OpinionRoute took over. We ended up with a much higher quality dataset and a major homerun!

ResponseID Tech Setup

We offer a highly secure technology infrastructure that has passed deep security reviews from some of the largest U.S. corporations. We transmit all data server-to-server in a highly secure environment, for the utmost in privacy, security and protection.

Utilize our simplified API hookup

API hookup within your survey environment including Analytics Dashboard.

DIY Portal for Operations teams

Skip the need to work with APIs. Jump right in on day 1 on your own.

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We take care of the survey fraudsters, so you don’t have to.

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Let us show you how to take your quantitative research to a new level.

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