We take care of the survey fraudsters, so you don’t have to.

CleanID delivers a proven fraud prevention solution, so you can spend less time on data cleansing and more time getting to the heart of your research results.

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Better, more accurate results

In the world of research and surveys, clean data is ACCURATE data. Your insights are only as valuable as the data behind them. CleanID delivers proven fraud prevention at the front door of your survey. It’s the anti-virus software for your survey, simultaneously evaluating 800 different response attributes to look for irregularities and bot-driven fraud.

  • Stop fraud before it starts
  • Improve your survey quality control by as much as 50%
  • Get cleaner survey data while saving time and money

How CleanID works.

CleanID’s proprietary algorithm works with your survey, evaluating every device for fraud. It’s continually at work, looking at the hundreds of device and network data points available from each respondent. This intensive monitoring looks for patterns and gets smarter over time. While we segment the good from the bad, we also keep all their device metrics, in-survey status, and frequency of participation in a database for viewing at any time via our Analytics Dashboard.

A Guard Dog & Bouncer All-In-One

CleanID sits before your survey and evaluates every click for fraud in a way aligned to successful Ad-Tech prevention.

Leave Nothing to Chance

Hundreds of device and network data points are collected on a respondent level.

Customizable to Your Needs

A Proprietary algorithm evaluates data points real-time to determine fraud risk profile.

CleanID uses over

different attributes to detect fraud before it happens.

Better, More Accurate Results

The scoring system aggregates in a database.

Market Research Industry Network Effect

CleanID uses market researchers’ manual cleaning to improve risk scoring over time.

Safe & Secure

Server-to-server calls transmit the data in a highly secure environment.

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I absolutely love the OR Team

I absolutely love the OR Team…

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I continue to be impressed. You are very much different from your competitors.

This project was failing before

This project was failing before OpinionRoute took over. We ended up with a much higher quality dataset and a major homerun!

Put CleanID To Work For Your Company

We offer a highly secure technology infrastructure that has passed deep security reviews from some of the largest U.S. corporations. We transmit all data server-to-server in a highly secure environment, for the utmost in privacy, security and protection.

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Simplified API hookup including Analytics Dashboard.

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