The NavigatOR Platform

The Operating System for Quality Quantitative Research.

In technology terms, an operating system is defined as…

“the software that supports a computer’s basic functions, such as scheduling tasks, executing applications, and controlling peripherals.”

The NavigatOR Platform is a first-of-its-kind solution for the modern market researcher. By managing the process, timelines, peripheral systems, and data quality, the NavigatOR allows survey researchers to take advantage of the technology evolution without the risks that other platforms demand. Keep your focus on the insights and not various manual processes.

The ID Suite Products

Designed to minimize risk and fraud in the process of data collection, the three modules in the ID suite work to create a complementary approach to the three pillars that drive data quality: Device, Person and Project.


Built to ensure “clean clicks” in your survey, CleanID is a best-in-class fraud and duplicate prevention system that analyzes device level attributes to eliminate known data threats (Device). Incorporating an expansive set of flags/super flags to block out bad clicks, easily adjustable quality settings, and real-time benchmarked industry data, researchers are empowered to drive better sample without having to involve a programmer.




ValidID is a unique B2B data cloud designed to validate the professional experiences of respondents (Person) who have opted into the survey ecosystem. ValidID enhances panel profiles with a variety of business and firmographic profile data points. In B2B surveys today, professional misrepresentation from respondents is a top driver of QC rates across audiences. ValidID is the only industry solution actively addressing this problem.



Researchers must normalize hours of data review and scrubbing into project schedules. Designed to identify issues with open-ended verbatims, ResponseID flags information that experienced researchers commonly label as poor quality in their manual reviews (Project). Each reply is scored for language, context, copy & pasting, repetition, and other factors both across and within responses in a data set. ResponseID drastically accelerates the manual QC reviews that slow projects.


NavigatOR Project Management

Built as a research first, supplier agnostic platform, NavigatOR empowers meaningful optimization for researchers and market research executives. Built with a customizable dashboard approach, data and processes are visualized in a way that supports the research workflow and improves quality and profit together.


Fieldwork Bundle

Rapid project setup, supplier tracking, streamlined redirect management. Real-time reporting to evaluate project status and risks, as well as survey link processing to simplify the distribution process.


Marketing Reseach PMO

Manage budget, balance labor utilization, quantify vendor performance. Built by researchers for marketing research firms seeking to modernize and take advantage of profit-enhancing opportunities.


Hybrid Partnership

Blend OpinionRoute technology and services into your process. Flexibility is a key component to our adaptability to a wide array of market research firms.


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