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CEO Monthly Reflection March ’23

Since 2020, the awareness of Fraud’s prevalence in Survey Research has exploded. This is highlighted by the announcement this month of a multi-association effort around helping Researchers & brands tackle this rising issue. While the awareness of the issue is...


CEO Monthly Reflection Feb ’23

Monthly Reflection Feb 2023 Over the last month, industry conversation was dominated by ChatGPT and the Generative AI evolution overall. The discussion shifted from awe around its rapid power into a fear of how this may permanently disrupt "knowledge" work....


What is DIY Research? Part 1: If you’re not careful, it may lead to Bogus Insights

One of the coolest elements of the Tech expansion in Market Research over the last decade has been how it dramatically increased accessibility to data collection and the industry overall.  However, there’s been an underlying question that has been under-debated...


Part 2: Survey Tools and how they cater to different buyers

This is the original category of “DIY Research” technology in online surveys.  By now, this is a very mature market and is starting to see a variety of mergers and acquisitions.   One of the ways these platforms differentiate is by...


Part 3: DIY Sample Tools Have Changed Things for Buyers

More than 10 years ago, a new wave of sample technology entered the market.  The concept was initiated around the idea of bringing the “ad exchange” model to online sample for surveys.  Once the race began, back-end tech was prioritized...


Part 4: “Insights Platforms” emerge for Niche and General Audiences

Insights Platforms are the current trend in the industry.  Generally, this category refer to technologies that present a front-to-back way to execute a full research project.  A platform may refer to specific methods or specific audiences.   For example, you can...


Part 5: Research Accessibility vs. Research Accuracy

Buying technology can often be exciting.  You feel as if you’re creating a new future that is full of speed and time savings. Believe me, I know.  However, comprehensive evaluations should have a full scope of what’s being replaced.   In...

5 Part Series

What is Data Quality and how can I improve it?

In Market Research, Data Quality is assumed table-stakes.  But, the reality is that today it’s more difficult to achieve than ever.  Marketing, insights and market research Pros may be spending millions of dollars on useless results that ultimately mislead clients...

5 Part Series

Topic 2: Survey Fraud is a Factor to Manage

This is part 2 of the "What is Data Quality?" series. Click here to read part 1: https://www.opinionroute.com/dataquality/what-is-data-quality-and-how-can-i-improve-it/ The survey sampling ecosystem has become highly automated in recent years.  Yesterday’s norms of deep validation, ongoing community management and responsive survey...

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