CEO Monthly Reflection | February 2024 | Defining Your Win/Win

By Terence McCarron 

I am pretty sentimental this week. My daughter Elizabeth completed her 8th-grade basketball season last Sunday. As the final buzzer sounded, my 9-year career as her coach ended.  

I’ll miss those hours just being with her on the court. But I am eternally grateful for the relationship we forged all those winter hours. What a gift in my life!  

It may never have happened without OpinionRoute.   

The first half of my MRX career was amazing.  I experienced some incredible career-defining wins. But those successes came with personal cost. I was rarely home and, even when I was, I often logged in to catch up on work.  That’s an experience many MRXers can relate to.

Online Market Research has a 24/7 global nature to it. Emails, texts, and tasks never seem to end. After years of this experience, I challenged my status quo and launched OpinionRoute. 

As I built the company, my goals focused on producing success at work and home. But I had to be real about it. A new company could never succeed if it resembled anything “lifestyle” to our clients. I was the new guy and I had to be better than the rest.

Acknowledging this tension was a new way of thinking for me. 

Ultimately, we defined efficient, repeatable ways of executing projects that produced great results for Researchers. We instilled these best practices in our growing employee base. The Navigator™ research work platform was the secret sauce, and OpinionRoute became something unique in the industry.  We cracked the code on how to deliver projects better. 

While my daughter’s basketball career symbolizes well-made personal choices, I really want to empower all Market Researchers to think in this new way. 

What does your win/win look like?  What’s your plan to make it happen?  Let’s talk about it

In support of our mission to help Researchers work better, we are launching a podcast this Spring. We’ll share stories, insights, and philosophies that unlock enterprise value for the modern Market Research company.

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