enhance your Ability to detect bots and survey farms         

real-time fraud identification and mitigation with clean id


Highly configurable, easy to use interface

Customizable settings across 34 different fraud markers

Built in real-time deduplication

Allows for company, sub-client or project level settings

Customizable dashboard and drill down functionality

Evaluate vendor performance over time

Detect survey respondent markers e.g. oscillating IP address or user agent, spoofing of browser signature, detects private browsers


Are you getting the most accurate data for your project?

Supply automation, programmatic sampling and automation are now commonplace within the research industry. This has led to an increasing number of non-validated, real time sourcing methods where fraud is more pervasive and not identified with previously available industry technologies.

CleanID is an open, transparent web service that allows users to understand and identify survey respondent fraud prior to engaging with your (or your client’s) surveys. Our goal is to put the confidence back in survey data and eliminate respondents that distort your dataset resulting in better decisions.  

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do I need CleanID?

Survey fraud has been an increasing concern in the online market research industry. Factors like consolidation of supply channels, increased bots and survey farms have resulted in decreased data quality. CleanID has 34 fraud markers to reduce the likelihood of bots and bad respondents from hitting your surveys in the first place.

How does CleanID improve data quality?

CleanID returns two data points back to you as a default. Additional data points can be customized to fit your business needs. The two core data points are: 
- Deduplication Score- this is a binary code indicating whether the same user has entered your survey more than one time
- Fraud Score – Device based threshold score based on client settings and  the number of fraud markers triggered

What makes CleanID the better option for fraud protection?

While there are many reasons, here are a few: 
1)  CleanID has more flags than any other service out on the market. We maintain our database and source lists on a daily basis so you can be assured that you are always working with relevant information
2.) CleanID is also fully customizable, this means that you can tailor your settings to what suits your business best. One size does not fit all
3.)  CleanID offers state of the art, real-time reporting unlike any other platform. Visual data will help you quickly identify sourcing strategies to increase ROI and data quality.

How do I get started?

Implementation is easy! You can directly connect your survey platform to CleanID via API. Our detailed user manual provides you with a step by step guide on how to program our technology seamlessly into your workflow. Click here to sign up for a free 30 day trial.

With over 50% more validation flags than our competitors, CleanID brings transparency to your research.

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