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Embracing the Alchemy: UX Design’s Role in a Market Research Technology

By Kayla Cherry, UX Designer, OpinionRoute Last month, Taylor Swift dropped two albums. In one song, she sings, ‘Who are we to fight the alchemy?’ And you know what? She’s definitely on to something.   When I first began my journey...


You Have to Standardize Your Project Processes

How to get started on your own By Kayla Cousineau, COO The key to building any organization that consistently delivers excellence requires a consistent way of executing. Yet, so many growing companies avoid the work required to make this happen....


Securing the Survey Link  

The Unaddressed Challenge of Survey Link Security By Rich Ratcliff, Chief Trust Officer  Regardless of the industry, the integrity of data collection processes is paramount. The Market Research ecosystem has a unique challenge that has persisted for over a decade:...


How Do You Calculate IR, Again?

It’s Time to Align on a Key Pricing Metric By Terence McCarron  I wrote a blog in 2016 that still rates as one of our most viewed pieces of content every year.  In today’s landscape, this topic is a perfect...


Fine is a CX 4-Letter F-Bomb

By Danielle Chinitz In the world of client experience, the word "fine" is anything but that.  Customers today are not merely looking for “fine” experiences; they crave exceptional ones. The era of settling for the bare minimum is long gone....


Why and How to Blend Sample Sourcing in Your Online Survey

By Meghan Ellrich When writing a research paper, an author likely would not rely on one source for all the data. At OpinionRoute, we believe in this principle for online research.  Every field plan we create is custom and includes...


Navigating Nuances | The Key to Working Better

by Rich Ratcliff Have you ever been in a situation where a seemingly insignificant issue caused a major setback in your work? You’re in good company. Recently a new Excel fix was rolled out. It was one of those boring...


Prioritizing People in a New Labor Paradigm

by Kayla Cousineau, SVP Operations Kayla Joined the MRX industry and OpinionRoute in June 2022. Since then, she has written periodic reflections on her transition into our space, and the parallels with her past industry, Healthcare. Market research is not...

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