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Taking My Talents (back) to Cleveland, Part 2

How I Jumped Into the New by Kayla Cousineau, SVP Operations As with any new job transition, there is a learning curve and it is steeper when you change industries. Knowing what to learn, how you best retain knowledge and...


Taking My Talents (back) to Cleveland

by Kayla Cousineau, SVP Operations The Other Side of an Industry Change After spending the last 15 years in health care, I moved to market research last summer. It was a total shift that I would not have predicted a...


Monthly Reflection July 2023: How It All Came Together

With all of our team success over the years, I have officially reached the point where I often am asked about the origin story.  Why did I start OpinionRoute? The original inspiration was kind of a vague notion.  I LOVED...


Passion finds its team with time…

By Rich Ratcliff, Chief Product Officer In every career, there are defining moments that shape the journey for that professional. For me, one such moment occurred in 2016 when I faced a pivotal decision as President of an agency. At...

Behind the Headline

Behind the Headline: Ghost Completes and Who They Hurt

OpinionRoute breaks down headlines from industry news that relate to online surveys, online sample, data quality and relevant topics through our lens into the ecosystem. Headline: “Forsta and Cint Link to Eliminate Ghost-Completes” Forsta recently pre-announced a “First of its...


The Reason Why Businesses Aren’t Losing Billions on Fraudulent MR Data

In early May, an article circulated with a claim that was primed for the social media rounds. In short, it argued that businesses and investors are losing Billions to Fraudulent Market Research Data.  But is that actually the case? If...


CEO Monthly Reflection June’23

Last week, Greenbook hosted the IIEX Conference in Austin. I remember this conference well from a dozen years ago or so as it was dominated by all kinds of predictions surrounding Mobile. Back then, the presentations highlighted mobile applications, consumer...


CEO Monthly Reflection April ’23

Recently, the Greenbook Blog Industry Trends report came out and included a particular finding that will resonate with most Market Research/Insights Professionals. Here’s what it said under the heading of “A Day in the Life”: “Many assumed the promise of...


“Device Fingerprinting” is Dead

by Rich Ratcliff, Chief Product Officer Device Fingerprinting is an ineffective concept and latent terminology in 2023.  Ok, there I said it, the approach that was created 12 years ago for the market research industry is latent, shocker right?  Fraud...

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