Passion finds its team with time…

By Rich Ratcliff, Chief Product Officer

In every career, there are defining moments that shape the journey for that professional. For me, one such moment occurred in 2016 when I faced a pivotal decision as President of an agency. At the same time, our internal software project ignited a deep passion within me, pushing me to reimagine our industry’s operations.

This realization was triggered by a significant $240k fraud case that unfolded under my leadership, shaking the very core of our agency.  We’ve all had those days and weeks, but I surely wasn’t going to let this earthquake go unanswered.  Alongside this turmoil, we were experiencing remarkable growth in our full-service offerings. Despite our success, I couldn’t ignore the need for industry-wide change.

The loss of a research project due to fraudulent activity pushed me to examine the flaws within our industry with a newfound perspective.  After a bit of a ‘Jerry McGuire’ moment, I furiously documented my thoughts and conclusions, realizing that two critical aspects of our industry required attention: combating fraud and improving the effectiveness of the insights process.

For close to 3 years, I couldn’t act on what I knew was my next chapter until 2019 when I met Terence McCarron and his vision for OpinionRoute. This encounter marked the beginning of this new chapter, I was ready and it was time. While my passion for fraud mitigation continued, my focus also shifted towards improving the quality of life for operations personnel.

With the support of a dedicated team and client base, we are on the verge of launching Navigator, a platform that aligns with our shared vision. The journey has been filled with remarkable achievements, surpassing all expectations and redefining what I once believed was possible.

Through this transformative path, I have come to recognize two fundamental truths: passion finds a team if you let it and this industry has such a desire to answer to ‘it can be better’. 

Representing a company that places quality at the forefront fills me with pride. We channel our energy into enhancing processes and elevating the industry. This ongoing chapter is far from over, and I am excited to share its rhythm with those who believe in challenging the status quo.

If you find yourself at a similar crossroads, remember to think big and find a team that shares your audacity. Together, we can make a lasting impact and reshape the industry into a source of fulfillment for all who choose to work within it.

Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

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