CEO Monthly Reflection | March 2024 | The Overlooked Point in the AI Conversation in MRX

By Terence McCarron 

Not sure if you’ve heard, but there’s this thing called Generative AI and it’s going to change everything!   (My sarcasm is thick, as usual.) 

By now, our news and LinkedIn feeds are full of stories on AI advances and the potential it presents to the world.  One of my favorite podcasts had an eye-opening discussion on the ultimate endgame of AGI and what that means to different tech leaders marching in that direction.  That’s a pretty wild discussion all on its own.   

In our industry, businesses are popping up everywhere to tackle AI’s entry point into MRX.  I know many are advising major brands on the best way to approach AI in Insights. They trust you to guide them thoughtfully. There’s so much hope and uncertainty which makes many AI conversations difficult.  What can it do today?  What might it be capable of tomorrow?  

To me, there’s a bigger point that this AI conversation is spotlighting in our industry. If AI truly becomes the next biggest thing to revolutionize how researchers do their jobs, many MRX companies wouldn’t be able to take full advantage of it. Why? 

Most market research firms operate in siloes with highly manual, disconnected systems. For any new technology to truly help, the work must be in a shared system, process, or database. Right now, that’s not typical for most research companies.    

OpinionRoute is on a mission to give every Market Research firm their own place to work that can serve as a springboard for all kinds of connections and integrations. And yes, it will even start introducing AI to your daily work, when you’re ready. We’d love to show you how the Navigator can help you achieve smarter operations.   

Introducing Something New 

Since our start in 2013, OpinionRoute has always used education as a way to add value to the industry.  What started as a simple PowerPoint presentation on sample technology in 2013 has grown into newsletters, blogs, YouTube videos, and LinkedIn content.  

Our educational efforts take another step forward this month as we introduce our new podcast called ‘Gator Aid. This industry podcast is dedicated to sharing new insights, philosophies, and strategies specifically to help the Market Researcher learn and grow. Our first episode is live now! 

We hope you enjoy it! 

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