Friday Night Backpack

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When I take a second to reflect, my career has been filled with great experiences with wildly successful companies. These experiences shaped my professional path and my philosophy on business. It’s also honest for me to acknowledge my commitment to those companies came at real cost at times.That whole era in my career cost me countless days and nights away from my family and distracted my attention even when I was present.

When I started OpinionRoute, I merged industry ideas with personal life changes. I relocated. I hired local. I embraced a new corporate philosophy in the Midwest. It all went famously and grew quickly.

As the proud owner of a rapid growth startup in OpinionRoute, I loved my team and their commitment allowed me to reshape my life. About 5 years into our growth, some colleagues were casually laughing about something called the “Friday Night Backpack”.

As it turns out, my colleagues were discovering a shared behavior trait. When going out on Friday nights, they brought along their Laptop Backpack. This had to happen to keep up with Friday night project launches.

The “Friday Night Backpack” was an unofficial survival tool- at MY company. I had reinvented the wheel.

Through the years, I saw the warning signs around talent demands in Market Research. Clients felt comfortable mandating 7-day-a-week availability in MSAs. International team members were working graveyard shifts. Talent was being force-fed tech tools that made things harder. Some companies even flaunted their labor model as “churn and burn”.

As a guy who’s been around the space for decades, that felt like a problem I couldn’t let go.

Together, we began focusing intensely on identifying the painful process points, no matter how small, that contribute to “the daily grind”. One step at a time, we collaborated, designed and built tools for better ways of working in Market Research.

The fix for the Friday Night Backpack is called the Navigator. What it’s become is an entire workflow system for managing the online survey project process. All clients of OpinionRoute enjoy the benefits- whether they buy sample, subscribe to our data quality suite or use the entire platform to run their surveys.

It’s how OpinionRoute is doing its part to focus on the “People” in the ultimate people business- Market Research.


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