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Today’s Programmatic Sample Vendors and DIY Tools require a lot of time when Researchers have less of it to give.

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OpinionRoute Sample Services were built with your needs in mind.
We help the Survey Researcher navigate today’s sample realities, efficiently and with better quality.

Collaborative Programming

If you need extra programming support, we can do that too! You’ll talk to one of our US based Programmers on every project.

Data Quality

Our proprietary technology enhances data quality and measures sample performance real-time.

Better Feasibility

We build custom Field Plans that deliver with quality using OR proprietary quality trend data.

Local Talent

Our US-based team members grow to feel like colleagues. Amazing, proactive colleagues.

Our Services

OpinionRoute’s managed services approach combines rapid service with skilled online sample experts who free up your time in many ways.

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Survey Programming

Our team of skilled programmers will become familiar to you and your work. You’ll talk with us on every project and benefit from value-add recommendations.

Data Processing

We deliver your data in whatever format you need. The one consistency is quality.

Online Sampling

Value-Add Delivery for every project! Receive a consistent service team for all your project needs, with white glove attention when you need it.

Game-changing Tools

OpinionRoute is more than just deep expertise and great people. We also believe our talent deserves the best tools. Since we didn’t feel our industry had the right tech to help Researchers, we built it.


Blocking know fraud and dupes pre-survey so you only get cleaned clicks


Even when we sleep, NAV is working on your project so it finishes on time, on budget with quality.


Speeding up your quality review of open-end data.

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Our process starts… with YOU! We begin it all by discovering your unique needs, frustrations and growth opportunities.

Then, we build a custom plan for your projects, assign a dedicated team of experts, and get to work so you can do more of what matters most.

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