Fieldwork Management Platform, ReImagined Workflows

Made by researchers, for researchers


Fieldwork management tool for quantitative research

Open, transparent partner framework with pre-built supplier integrations

Integrated with your current workflow tools e.g. Slack, CRM, Programming Tool

Intuitive user interface with tile based infrastructure

"Research First" approach with open information architecture

Built-in web service infrastructure to seamlessly improve data quality               
Customizable dashboarding and KPI infrastructure


Research First, Supply Agnostic Fieldwork Management Platform

Fieldwork management is a critical part of the insights management process. Currently available tools all focus on linking existing supply chains with little focus on data quality or process improvement.The onus of data quality resides solely with the user not the supplier.

NavigatOR was built by panel industry veterans, to support companies who want to start managing their own data quality with built in respondent curation and validation tools. Our user centric platform can integrate with your existing supply and technologies to help improve you fieldwork management process in an open, transparent way.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do I need NavigatOR?

NavigatOR is a must have tool for any company focussed on fieldwork management, that works with many different panel and supply firms and is looking to streamline their use of DIY technologies into one easy to use platform

How do I get started?

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NavigatOR enables you to scale, innovate & compete on a simplified platform without major investment.

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