what we do


We are subject matter experts in sampling, technology and sources.  We can work with your preferred partners or diversify your mix to suit your business and research goals.


We have global experience and specific-market knowledge to add value on every project.  Our partners range from multi-national to hyperlocal panel owners.


We developed a proprietary technology portal called the NAVIGATOR to help us manage multiple quality sources seamlessly while ensuring de-duplication and successful project completion.


Our only methodological driver is your design. We don't have the burden of trying to convince you that "our way" is the right way.  We just start from where your design is and build the plan to suit your needs.


Call us old-fashioned but we believe in the relationships aspect of the Market Research industry.  We invest locally to support you and to better understand your projects and processes.


OpinionRoute loves to seize opportunities to bridge a knowledge gap for clients.  We either share valuable existing resources or create new ones based on the client questions or needs.

OpinionRoute's On-Ramping

OpinionRoute helps some of the most successful boutique and midsize market research firms simplify project delivery through subject matter and technology expertise. We’ve helped dozens of firms gain efficiency, improve production and increase profitability by focusing more on what they do best—generate meaningful insights.  

Your Sample Design Norms/Expectations

Setting us up to succeed from the first project.  This is where we discuss your expectations and areas for focused improvement.

Current state of Sampling - OPINIONROUTE training module

After getting acclimated to your designs, we give your team a customized overview of the sampling norms today including open Q&A.

Project specification review

You start sharing project specs on which you’d like OpinionRoute to plan and budget.  We’ll discuss the relevant aspects and approach options.

Budgetary Expectations

OpinionRoute will offer market-competitive rates and expects to be accountable for this.  When possible, we’ll discuss opportunities for pricing improvement within your design.

First Project Field pLan Creation

For an upcoming sold project, OpinionRoute will create a viable field plan on budget.

Successful Project Completion

 OpinionRoute will successfully complete our first project on budget while meeting your data quality goals.

The Navigator, The Intersection of Technology and Service

Streamlining Project Management and Process Flow

Today’s online surveys include hard-to-reach target audiences.  Success often requires a multi-sourced field plan to achieve the desired sample size. Realizing this, OpinionRoute created the NAVIGATOR-- a proprietary technology portal ensuring high quality and efficiency standards are met in the technical administration of each survey.


NAVIGATOR allows for unlimited vendors on a single study and features a single set of consistent redirects for a survey, regardless of vendor count.  Best of all, NAVIGATOR does this without adding a layer of methodological complexity to the sample administration.


NAVIGATOR uses simplified respondent ID conventions for survey tools with character count or special character limitations.  It also manages multiple variable requirements for supplier links and maintains flexibility for unique links or standard open links.  This dramatically expands the viable supplier base for our clients.


NAVIGATOR creates a digital profile for each respondent in a survey.  This profile stores and cross-checks device-based information, such as IP address, operating system, versions, geography, and cookies.  We offer clicks reports on each project when requested for no extra charge.


NAVIGATOR is flexible enough to provide customization opportunities on a project level.  It allows for modification of project settings when re-contacts or multiple household responses become necessary.  It also successfully works with a variety of entry link conventions.


NAVIGATOR serves as a value-add to our clients with no additional costs on a project level.  It is a powerful portal that helps us manage robust volume, implement multiple quality sources, and seamlessly ensure deduplication. NAVIGATOR brings a number of features and benefits to help us successfully complete projects every time.

NAVIGATOR simplifies our ability to remove the risk of duplication through machine-level identification.  Our deduplication algorithm captures/reviews multiple technical variables for every potential survey taker on a project level with the mission of preventing duplicate completed interviews. NAVIGATOR also increases reporting accuracy by ensuring survey tool reporting discrepancies are minimized or eliminated during field.

When the NAVIGATOR indicates a high probability of duplication on a respondent session, the panelist is automatically redirected back to the originating website as a term (instead of entering the specific survey).  This process, which is known as front-door deduplication, saves panel owners time and money tied to incentive and opportunity cost.
The NAVIGATOR features works consistently across both browser-based and mobile app driven surveys and panels.  It also effectively blends all devices on single projects. 

Case Studies - Navigating the complex online quant landscape

What our customers think

As I mentioned on the phone, I really do not know how we would have done this without you.
OpinionRoute impressed me with their efficient, professional manner - an approach that not only inspires confidence, but generates the results that I am looking for.
Love the way you were totally hands on with monitoring. That rarely happens.
For a foreign language study, this went about as well I can recall in the 3 years I’ve been working here!