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At OpinionRoute, we are accountable, subject matter experts that use proven processes to deliver the highest quality data for your market research studies.
We care deeply about adding value every step of the way and provide true partnership on Consumer, B2B and Healthcare research projects.

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What we do:


Sampling Methodology

We are sampling experts and see sampling as the foundation of every successful research project. Our only methodological driver is your design. We don’t burden our clients by trying to convince them that “our way” is the right way. We just start from where your design is and build the plan to suit your needs. We are so committed to our sampling expertise that every new employee graduates from OpinionRoute’s “Sample University” before working on your project.


We construct a customized sampling plan for both new and existing tracking studies. Being source agnostic, OpinionRoute can work with your current panel(s) provider or create a NEW supply blend that meets your business and research goals. We understand the need for data consistency, accurate data trending, and tracker sustainability. In addition, our proprietary technology portal, the NAVIGATOR, helps us seamlessly manage deduplication and our quality control process.


Custom Field Plans

We have deep, multi-method data collection expertise. Our independence gives you access to our vast knowledge to create the best field plan for your budget using any and all available options. We aren’t limited by a single panel’s limitations or even one quant method. We create quality field plans that are robust enough to get the project done on time and on budget.


We have vast global experience fielding hundreds of international research projects. We utilize a blend of hyperlocal, regional and global panels to create the optimal supply blend. In addition, our GLOBAL NAVIGATOR GUIDE collates demographic data in over 50 markets, providing an invaluable resource guide to help researchers better understand the international landscape when designing and executing global studies.

What Our Clients Say 

“A BIG thank you to you both for your excellent work on this! We’ll be sending more of this type of work your way”

“Your Integrity and knowledge of the industry really impressed us”

“You’re always a great partner, but have really been going above and beyond for us recently “


Customized to each project’s specific needs.

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