Quality Matters

It may feel we are stating the obvious. Of course, quality matters in market research. But quality is a broad statement that can impact several different facets of a project.

Focus on the outcomes

In market research, data quality is the cornerstone upon which success is evaluated and insights are built.

It is why OpinionRoute will always prioritize data protection during the collection process. Only the best respondents from the available universe can enter a survey, and projects deploy in a way that optimizes quality and performance.

With quality data flowing throughout the project, researchers can focus on what they do best – build insights. It’s that research first orientation that led to the creation of the first marketing research operating system.  Built for the quantitative researcher, the NavigatOR centralizes the critical facets of a project in one place to simplify execution and streamline historically fragmented tasks in a supply agnostic fieldwork platform.

Imagine taking the noise out of the day to day by leveraging OpinionRoute people, process, and technology to optimize project performance.

Less time spent on tedious tasks like data cleansing.

No juggling of multiple vendors to adjust for low confidence rate.

Not worrying about packing a project backpack this coming weekend.

Having committed partners who help you reach stretch goals and delight customers while making the day to day run smoother.

So, while it may feel like an obvious statement, we believe that it’s too important to leave unsaid.  That’s why we built our services and platform to optimize quantitative online research so that you can focus on what you do best, drive insights.

It’s our commitment to partnership – making your life easier while infusing value in every project.  We believe quality matters. Let us show you how we can infuse OpinionRoute quality in your next project.


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