B2B Respondent Access

The industry standard
for B2B Research


OpinionRoute is the industry standard for B2B Research

Our approach focuses on creating validated, scalable B2B sourcing and technology resulting in the most comprehensive coverage of B2B respondents globally. New validated sources engage true executive leadership in the research process for a holistic view of the B2B landscape.

Best in Class B2B Sourcing and Validation

• New validated respondent sourcing powers authentic B2B insights
• Respondent level validation with ValidID
• Access niche audiences and senior professionals with confidence
• CleanID to mitigate online survey respondent fraud real-time
• Custom field plans tailored for your projects' budgets and needs


We care about your data

• Data quality improves by up to 75%+ on average
• Respondent level professional and firmographic validation
• 34 variable fraud prevention system to ensure validated survey respondents
• Hours saved in the data review process


Problems we Have Solved

• Created ValidID - the industry’s first B2B respondent validation service
• Reliable access to niche populations, senior audiences
• Robust global supply network to create trusted one-stop shop for B2B research

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OpinionRoute Customers Say...


With the sampling industry and technology rapidly evolving, it has become almost impossible to navigate the sample procurement process with confidence. More than ever, we need an independent third party who understands the nuances of sample design and always acts in our best interest.

OpinionRoute is my partner for all my online data collection needs. I have 100% confidence that my sampling approach is methodologically sound when using OpinionRoute.


OpinionRoute’s knowledge of the quantitative research space is unparalleled. Their expertise in sampling methodology, operational needs, and advanced technology have repeatedly proved to be what our agency has needed.
What’s often most impressive is understanding international markets and the best-localized solutions for achieving our client goals.  Putting work in OpinionRoute’s hands gives us the ability to focus on our client relationships and know your projects will be executed accurately and on time. This is the type of partnership we wish we had with all of our clients and vendors.


Our team was looking for a way to conduct our online research with a company that really understands the online environment and could make our lives easier by handling complex sample designs without a lot of hand-holding.

OpinionRoute provides us with the expertise we need and the quality we demand, finding the right blend of panels for our specific research and working with us to ensure our studies are fielded correctly. They are our go-to panel provider because we know we can trust them to get the job done on time, on budget and on spec.

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