industry’s first B2B respondent validation Service

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GDPR compliant, “Made for Research” B2B respondent validation service

Respondent level professional and firmographic validation

Multiple implementation methods - real-time or batch processing - to ensure your community is authenticated

Built-in fraud prevention for real-time sampling methods

White-labeled to ensure consistent and trusted respondent experience

Data and profile enhancements services available

US-based currently, rolling out globally in 2020


source B2B Respondents online with confidence

Trust in B2B data is at an all-time low and companies are moving back to traditional phone and qualitative methods to gain more reliable insights. “Self-Reported” first-party respondent data from consumer panels or real time sourcing methods are not reliable mechanisms to engage business respondents without validation.  

ValidID put the trust back in collecting B2B data allowing researchers to save significant labor, currently spent combing through data, to refocus on client deliverables. For supply firms, ValidID can reduce data removals, provide a data-driven method to validate a respondent’s credentials and engage executives in more lucrative research engagements.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is ValidID?

ValidID is the industry’s first web service to validate business respondent’s professional and firmographic profile prior to engaging with a survey. 

Why do I need ValidID?

B2B respondents earn more incentives compared to consumer respondents. As such, the likelihood of fraudulent behavior increases in the B2B space. Often, clients depend on "profiled" consumer panels to deliver B2B respondents. Through a self-screening process, individuals can claim that they are C-level executives or decision makers when they are neither. Most suppliers do not have means to manually validate each panelist, which often leads to significant data quality issues in B2B surveys – at times, as high as 50% of the completed surveys.

How does ValidID improve data quality?

ValidID collects limited PII (personally identifiable information) and validates the information against multiple third-party datasets.  As a standard output, ValidID appends:       
1. Confidence score (0-100) - Confidence score is confidence level that this person is as they state they are·      
2. Profile score (0-100) - Profile score speaks to how robust a dataset we can append to a respondent’s profile

How will a respondent enter their information?

There are currently four methods in which a respondent’s information can be validated, all of which are fully GDPR and CCPA compliant.
1.    DIY (Batch Upload) - validate a panel, database, client file via our DIY platform
2.    RespondentBased (Real Time) – validate respondents real-time, where the respondent directly provides the PII directly
3.    SupplierEncrypted Link (Real-time) – encrypted PII passed through the survey link 
4.    API (Real-time) – embed ValidID into your recruitment or survey process

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