OpinionRoute’s CleanID chosen by Zinklar for Fraud Prevention Technology

February 1, 2021

Cleveland, OH February 1, 2020 - OpinionRoute announced today that they will be partnering up with Zinklar, as CleanID has been selected as the latter’s chosen fraud prevention and detection software. Zinklar, a Consumer Insights firm dedicated to providing top-quality research through their SaaS platform, made the decision after searching extensively for an unbiased solution to provide top data quality for their clients while allowing them to continue to grow as a startup business.

“As sample buyers, we rely on what the partners tell us regarding the data quality. We wanted CleanID to be an additional level of quality control between the incoming data and the end product we deliver to our customers,” said Sample Supply Manager, Juan Pablo de los Reyes. “We need to ensure that the data we’re providing to our clients is of the highest quality. CleanID provides us with that assurance through the use of their clear dashboard and the easy implementation of the software on all survey work. The pricing structure was also key as it allows us to scale our business while providing the best data possible.”

OpinionRoute’s QaaS (Quality-as-a-Service) model empowers researchers to provide better data for their clients. Additionally, the CleanID reporting dashboard ensures effectiveness by allowing clients to see every confirmed fraud that has been blocked on each project.

“We are thrilled to provide a data protection solution to Zinklar, a company that truly runs on high standards,” expressed Founder and CEO of OpinionRoute, Terence McCarron. “We have a secure research platform that prevents fraud, improves data acceptance rates and allows clients like Zinklar to spend their valuable time innovating with their clients.”

About OpinionRoute:

OpinionRoute is a data protection company that empowers market researchers globally to deliver accurate survey insights using our industry-leading technology and data collection services.


About Zinklar:

Zinklar is the Consumer Insights SaaS platform that connects companies with consumers via mobile. It offers brands a product traditionally acquired via Market Research Agencies on a yearly subscription basis. By adopting Zinklar, companies will be bringing consumer insights to the core of their business decisions, every day. More than 200 leading companies, including Reckitt Benckiser, Duracell, Unilever, Orange and Nestlé, choose Zinklar to optimize their business strategies. More info: zinklar.com

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