Podcast, Creating a More Efficient and Effective Market Research Process with Andrew Moffatt

April 17, 2020

Andrew Moffatt, Chief Strategy Officer and Partner of OpinionRoute joins Sima today in discussing technology products that help address some of the market research problems that are prevalent today.

The market leader in Insights Process Management, OpinionRoute is focused on helping clients succeed in the rapidly evolving market research industry. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, their “made for research” services and technology solutions power authentic insights and create efficiency in the research process.

OpinionRoute is dedicated to protecting the integrity and effectiveness of market research.

Creating Scalable Technology Products

About a year ago, Andrew and Terence McCarron, Founder and CEO of OpinionRoute, decided that their future would be in building technology and taking their experience and expertise and trying to apply that to scalable technology products to help solve some of the problems in market research that they had observed.

The resulting initial products that they have created have been on the supply side of the industry focused on fraud management, mitigation, identification, validating respondents for B2B research, and developing tools to enable faster healthcare research.
Although this is part of their overall vision, most of what they build in the future will be technology that tries to help both create a more efficient market research process but also a more effective one by creating better data through cleaning and filtering it better before it gets to the client survey.

Validating and Enhancing Your Data

From the panel point of view, OpinionRoute is seeing very interesting data that they can append to panelists on the B2B side without asking questions of the respondents and being able to create a validated silo of your panel that is validated for B2B surveys and has that data overlaid on top of that information so you can be more confident in selling that information as well as being cleaner in terms of information that you’re collecting from panelists.

The supply side is as interested as the buying side because in that same scenario where 50% of completes are being removed, you have, as panel manager, decisions to make also. Many times these decisions are subjective, as well as the decision to remove that person to begin with.

Blockchain’s Role in Technology

Blockchain as a technology will be around for a long time, Andrew predicts, especially in the financial world. The opportunity that it provides from a data privacy point of view is vast but there are larger hurdles that it needs to get through to be more widely useable and accessible. Once it passes those hurdles, some of which Andrew delves into, he thinks everything will change.

Evolving to a data economy where users get a larger portion of transaction or get to control their data or choose to sell their data at whatever point they want to is a world that Andrew supports.

From OpinionRoute’s technology point of view, blockchain has some elements where they can store things that are necessary within the blockchain but it won’t run through their entire platform.

Designing the Fraud Prevention Technology Platform

ValidID and CleanID are OpinionRoute’s fraud prevention technologies and are created in such a way that gives the user a lot of control and transparency of what they’re getting.

Over time, OpinionRoute wants to enable everyone to have the same level of data and decision-making that some of the larger consolidated companies have. The platforms that they are creating are designed with this in mind.

Sima and Andrew exchange thoughts on consolidation pro’s and con’s and wrap up their conversation with the company challenges that Andrew sees them overcoming.

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