Podcast, Andrew Moffatt of OpinionRoute joins Intellicast

July 14, 2020

Andrew Moffatt, Chief Strategy Officer of OpinionRoute joined the Intellicast podcast on their series on data quality and gives them more details on CleanID, how it works, and what it took to build the product.

Brian and Andrew then discuss where they see the sample industry going, and how work to improve data quality will be involved.

The guys then switch gears and discuss the COVID-19 research OpinionRoute is working on with AMC Global, and what led to the partnership.

In the final segment of the interview, we get to know Andrew a bit better with a new round of The 4 P’s. We learn that Andrew is into energy healing, and that his local Publix store has a tie back to another EMI employee.

To learn more about OpinionRoute, visit their website here:

You can connect with Andrew on LinkedIn or by emailing him at [email protected]

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