Sample Management

Our projects span the globe and include robust sample sizes in a variety of niches. We also have broad flexibility and rapid ramp-up to create new categories for your needs.

Our approach creates the right balance between today’s sampling approaches and your design requirements.

Our clients often ask for survey respondents from any of the following methods:


Double Opt-In

This refers to a respondent community that has been double opted-in

Profiled Panel

Double opted-in respondents with both database profiling and real-time prescreening.

Offline to Online

Creating more representative sampling in emerging markets with offline recruitment to your online link. This often is mixed mode with online panels.

Single Opt-In

Pulled from social media and other affiliate marketing approaches with different standards and performance metrics than Double Opt In.

OpinionRoute is able to design a multi-method supply processes to ensure client needs are met, budgets are adhered to, and quotas are filled.