The market contains countless online panel options. While the trend is to consider sample a “commodity”, most researchers don’t think of it that way when a dataset turns up with fatal flaws and improbable findings. However, the standardization of problem response messaging in our industry leads to major holes in understanding of what actually goes on in the sample execution or how the project went awry.

  • We understand your design goals and implement those on your behalf
  • We make independent, strategic recommendations based on the entire available universe of options.
  • We focus on only asking of panels what they can effectively deliver. We don’t force things that shouldn’t be.
  • We proactively prevent many of the problems that plague “bad projects” today.
  • When issues do arise, we effectively investigate coming from a deep level of experience and understanding of panel differences and technology norms.


With years of experience in Healthcare research, OpinionRoute successfully executes quantitative programs covering a variety of patient ailment targets and healthcare professionals. In the past year, project examples include the following respondent categories:

  • Patients Types: heart failure, allergy sufferers, global MS patients, heartburn, diabetes, chronic pain, overall health, wellness and nutrition.
  • Healthcare Professionals: GPs, Cardiologists, Oncologists, Surgeons, Pulmonologists, Allergists, Neurologists, Dentists, PA/NPs, Pharmacists and Nurses.


B2B sample is a unique element of online market research. It holds special characteristics and challenges. OpinionRoute brings this understanding to its B2B project work.

Available B2B access panels have major methodological differences in how respondents are recruited. These variances lead to wide pricing ranges.

Today, massive shifts are occurring behind the scenes in the US B2B market relating to access panel construction. OpinionRoute keeps on top of those as well to best position clients to optimize best available solutions.

In the past year, OpinionRoute project examples include the following respondent categories across the EU, Asia and Latin America:

  • IT DMs, Benefits DMs, CSuite, SBOs, Insurance Agents, Office Managers, Influencers, etc.
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