The Company

Founded in September 2013, OpinionRoute is a technology centric survey sampling company specializing in providing back-office support to small to mid-size market research and management consulting companies.  OpinionRoute possesses the technology, processes and experience to support the most complex, challenging market research programs, while acting as an extension of the client’s business.

OpinionRoute helps its clients answer, and action, practical, methodological and business questions including:

  1. What impact will the latest sample technology have on my study designs?
  2. How can I solve recurring problems with my online data collection?
  3. How are recent changes at my online panel vendor going to affect my studies?
  4. Can I reduce the inherent risk of error on every study?

OpinionRoute adds expert resources to your team while focusing on what’s important: your sample design.


The Founder

Terence McCarron considers himself fortunate to have worked for leading, innovative companies in the Market Research industry. A market researcher/sample geek since 1999, Terence has held leadership positions with Greenfield Online (now ToLuna), All Global (now Lightspeed All Global) and Cint AB. Over his career, Terence has developed a deep understanding and global sensibility on respondent access approaches, data quality and complex sample technologies. He started OpinionRoute to fuel his passion for serving Market Research agency clients without any methodological driver but their defined design.